HESS maintenance service

HESS performs full aftersales service: supervision of installation, setup mode, staff training, spare parts and expendable materials delivery. High standards of service for our customers.

Safe performance of heat exchangers depends not only on their quality but also on well-timed maintenance service. In the operating process, on the plates surface there concentrating deposits that increase hydraulic resistance of service fluid, and negate the effectiveness of heat exchange. In moveable models after a while gaskets may be failing to function which requires their replacement. In many cases the plates themselves also need to be replaced.

Our company provides quality repair for equipment. Advantages of our offer:

  • operation of any plate heat exchangers;
  • quality assurance for work performed;
  • fast execution of order;
  • all necessary spare parts and components availability;
  • low price.
Guarantee maintenance

We take responsibility fot the quality of our equipment. Warranty liability for selective number of equipment can last up to 4 years. The customer along with the equipment receives all the necessary technical data package in accordance with national standards:

  • equipment passport;
  • installation and operation manual;
  • bills, certificates and other approval documentation.

HESS guarantees high quality for the equipment to be supplied. Customer must follow all the recommendations as for transportation, storage, assembling, hydro-testing, and maintenance as specified in the installation and operation manual and in the equipment passport to ensure correct operation and long-term service of the equipment.

For post-warranty support, spare parts and materials purchase please fill in the application or contact our managers.