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I am devoured by curiosity. It is always interesting to find out what it's like to wander out beyond the horizon. Life is constantly throwing the most interesting physics, chemistry, economics, and psychology exercises. A successful engineering project is not only "X-pay back period" but also an unusual brick that's been seamlessly built in the eco-system of a tremendous enterprise. This is why I've decided to start producing of something nobody in Russia does and nobody to consult with.

There are so many big, right words and yet so few real actions. Only Practice is a standard of truth. No matter how labour legislation regulates it, I think that an employee has passed a probation when for the item they'd been working on all the commissioning activities have been completed. "Have been completed" is passive but there is so much brainpower, strength and emotions needed to make it done! Commissioning evens an employment sheet, age, actor talent. It is an ultimate expression of real actions and decisions. Only having signed the Commissioning Report, I can shake hands with an employee not just in a formal way of greeting, but like with a friend.

What is the Company for me? It's Home where I can bring my kids to. It's a group of soulmates who make up a threatful phalanx. At last, it is Me.


CEO, Denis Makhovikov

About the company
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Any company is, first of all, the people. Under the name of HESS there are LLC "LH Engineering" and a manufacturing company LLC "NTIK" - the teams of proffesionals who have a huge work experience in the biggest world's companies that produce plate heat exchangers and delevop energy-efficient engineering systems. Our experts have visited relevant leading factories in Europe and Asia multiple times. Foreign-made solitions can not always be successfully compatible with russian environment. This includes plates heat exchangers as well. In 2013 our aim was to build a russian brand with a plate heat exchanging equipment and systems in complience with world quality and reliability standards. We're using our own groundwork and technological solutions, testing them and going into production always considering Customer's requests. For this purpose we have built our own manufacturing company LLC "NTIK" at the premises of a site in Sasovo, Ryazan district. This is the place where all the engineering investigations of LLC "LH Engineering" are put into practice by industry experts. The site is fitted with advanced equipment, and is ready to undergo any audits. A long journey begins with a first step.

In September, 2014 we implemented a small 600 ton press for stamping plates of plates heat exchangers. That simple press was engineered and manufactured on our own! All the solutions for the further progress of HESS had been perfected on this press. Now at our company there's a pressing equipment stock available, and we're ready to develop and manufacture heat exchange equipment for the most complex technology processes. As an evidence, in 2016 we delivered a plate & shell heat exchanger at 100 bar design pressure. And this is not a limit for us! Since 2015 our company has been successfully realizing a welded plate heat exchangers BLOCK-type line. In January, 2016 we delivered the first heat exchanger of this type. At the same time we started establishing and building a new first-stage workshop which doubled current facilities. In September, 2017 we delivered two Block-type heat exchangers PT K4 750х1/2х450х2/6 at 14.3 MWth capacitance rate and 10-ton weight each with an empty flow (!) channel. Heat exchangers will work as condensers of toluene-water mixture on a polymerizate degassing unit. We never stand still, and currently are focused on implementation of a hybrid heat exchangers "SHELL-BLOCK" type and expanding the range of plate "Block" type heat exchangers. This fundamentally increases potential application of HESS heat exchangers.

"HESS is a russian brand with russian development and manufacture using russian accessory parts. HESS products leave behind imported alternatives in terms of characteristics. We know everything about heat exchangers and are ready to share our knowledge for our customers' service!"
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