Control quality and reliability.

The HESS plant has implemented a certified quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015).

Supplier Control.

The HESS plant works only with time-tested suppliers that have been audited by a second party. HESS engineers regularly visit the factories of our Subcontractors for the acceptance of components and intermediate stages of their manufacture. We guarantee the quality of each component and the product as a whole.

Control of materials.

All incoming components of the products are subject to mandatory inspection by the Technical Control Department of the plant. Steels and alloys are analyzed for compliance with the claimed brand with a laser spectrometer.

Control of welds.

All HESS welds undergo ultrasonic or X-ray inspection, the seams of the plate packages undergo capillary inspection. The seams are checked by an independent third-party organization.

Tightness control.

The HESS plant is equipped with a test bench that allows you to check the equipment for tightness at all stages of production. For systems and collapsible heat exchangers, comprehensive leakproofness tests of the finished product are carried out. In the production of HESS welded heat exchangers, we use a 3-level check. After welding the package of plates, it is coated with surfactants and checked with low air pressure for defects. After successfully passing these tests, the package of plates is installed in the guides, immersed in a bath and tested again with air pressure, checking for defects (bubble control). After that, the finished product is assembled and hydro-tests are conducted for the design and test pressure. If necessary, a leakproofness check with a helium leak detector is used.